Shit Liberal Zionists Say

I used to be a liberal Zionist, so I know the shit they say.

a knock knock joke

knock knock

who’s there? 


zionists who? 

get out of that house, now it is my house 

BOTH SIDES: Woody Allen rape edition

"Amidst charges of implanted memories and celebrity arrogance, I have no insight into what occurred between Mr. Allen and the younger Ms. Farrow. One side seems to think that our “rape culture” induces people to disbelieve victims. The other side believes that accusations in the court of public opinion open the door to character assassination. Both are right, which does little to satisfy those seeking a clear path to certainty and moral outrage.

The truth the avalanche of accusations on all sides has brought to light is that factual truth is always contingent and never certain. The drive for certainty leads quickly to ideological simplifications that deny inconvenient facts in the name of coherent narratives. Over and over the facts are being made to fit the theory; such ideological certainty at the expense of reality is the root of fascism and all totalitarian impulses.”

This is by Roger Berkowitz, who is a professor at Bard College, where I went to school as an undergrad.

this is the tattoo i’m getting


this is the tattoo i’m getting


wow such inspirational  

wow such inspirational  

Martin Luther King Jr. was a Zionist.

Anonymous asked: Fun fact! The palistienians declined a too state solution that gave them more land than the Israelis

damn palistienians rejecting the too state solution 

If we’re not yet scared of Israel boycotts, we should be

 Educate, inspire, inculcate, and instill a deep love for the State of Israel, as both a Jewish and a Democratic state, in every single teenager in America so that the next generation of college campuses and the future generation of American academics understand that in politics, as in intellectuality, we do not live in a world of black and white – but rather in a place of frustrating shades of gray, scarce to be counted. And therefore to understand Israel and its place in the world, is to understand it fully; for all its complexities, its successes and its shortcomings. And above all else, to understand that there can be no such thing as delegitimizing a sovereign people’s right to govern its own affairs of state, no matter how gloriously or poorly they choose to do so.

How can you say that Sharon didn’t want peace! He withdrew the settlements from Gaza!

Stop bringing up Sabra and Shatila right now. It’s disrespectful.

Ariel Sharon was controversial, but in the end he recognized the necessity of peace and a two-state solution.